Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019

Our top 19 blog posts of 2019

Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019 are listed below. In 2019, we published many blogs on bicycles and the health benefits of daily Cycling, from tips for shifting gears to tips for safer night riding. Cycling should be a part of everyday life, and regular Cycling can reduce weight. It could also encourage kids to use bicycles from an early stage. Please check below for Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019.


1.   The Top 12 Benefits Of Cycling 

Health is one of the most critical factors in our lives, yet we often take it for granted. Below are the top 12 benefits of Cycling. We can’t avoid everything, but we can start by eating healthy food and exercising to improve our health.


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2. Top 10 Best Gear Bicycles Under 10000 Rs In India

The Top 10 Best Gear Bicycles Under 10000 Rs In India are mentioned below. Sanrocycles provides a wide range of cycles, such as the Hero Cycle, Hercules Cycle, Kross Cycle, and many more, at your doorstep. Sanrocycles has the best collection of top-geared bicycles under 10,000 Rs. Hero Sprint Products mentioned have the best feature specification, which suits the requirement. Hero, Hercules, Mach City, and Kross bicycles are the top brands, and they are at low prices. So, please check below for the Top 10 Best Gear Bicycles Under 10000 Rs In India. These are the best cycles under 10000 Rs. This is one of the Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019.


3. How To Clean And Maintain Your Bicycle At Home

If you spend too much time riding the bicycle, plan to clean it more frequently. Especially in wet and muddy conditions, cleaning the bike is a must. Bicycles contain many movable parts, and all are used during the ride. You are keeping your bike parts properly cleaned and lubricated for good performance. Lubrication protects moving parts from excessive wear caused by friction, prevents them from “freezing up,” and helps keep rust and corrosion at bay. Bicycle riders should check how to clean and maintain their bicycle at home.




4. How to service your bicycle at home

Most people love a bicycle that runs smoothly from the day it was purchased. Without any noise of brakes, smooth working gears, and easy to pedal, everyone loves and enjoys the bicycle ride. Slowly changing gears and brakes that don’t bring the bicycle to a quick stop: Everyone recognizes the symptoms and needs attention after a long ride. How to service your bicycle at home with a quick, easy fix and ride your bicycle smoothly. Below are a few points which cover how to service your bicycle at home with quick and easy steps. This is one more from Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019.


5.   Cycling As A Part Of Daily Life

Cycling has gained attention from a health perspective. People who cycle regularly have increased physical activity. Cycling is gaining more attention than other means of transport. Regular Cycling provides a wide range of health benefits. Integrating Cycling into daily routines offers a promising approach to increasing physical activity. Cycling is low-cost and does not require significant skills, making it suitable for large population segments.




6. How To Lose Weight By Everyday Cycling

How to lose weight by Cycling. Bicycles can be used for transportation and weight loss. The number one component of any weight loss plan is a physical activity that engages the body to burn calories. Cycling is a great way to burn calories, and ultimately, it helps to lose weight. Weight loss can improve health and quality of life. Cycling alone will not help; a balanced diet is essential.


7. Best Cycling Routes In Pune

Are you looking to get in touch with nature with a bicycle ride? Do you know the scenic and excellent routes for a great bicycle ride near Pune? Whether you are an amateur or an experienced cyclist, knowing the best and the most fulfilling cycling routes near Pune is essential, especially if you are an avid cyclist. You may have been through this route using a motorcycle, car, or bus, but it does not even come close to experiencing it on a bicycle. Just pedal your way through the lush greenery, beautiful and traffic-free roads, and pollution-free Aroma of nature. So what are you waiting for? Just buy a bicycle or rent one and set off on the following scenic routes around Pune. This is one of Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019, which is helping our cyclist friends.



8. How To Start Cycling To Your Workplace

The current situation for most working professionals is this: increased traffic, crowded public transport, increased road pollution, and a lack of time for exercise. Health is one of the most critical factors in our lives, yet we take it for granted.



9. Benefits Of Cycling For Kids

Due to the increased use of digital technologies such as Phones, laptops, and Netflix, today’s generation is gaining more attention. Parents cannot convey the benefits of Cycling to kids today. Nowadays, kids are more attracted to these types of gadgets. Playing outdoor games is vanishing slowly in this digital era. However, Cycling is the best form of exercise you can introduce to your kids and is one of the best outdoor activities. It also keeps them more active than other games and healthy and happy. Below are a few benefits of Cycling for kids that will help them in the long run.



10. Cycling V/S Running

Running and Cycling are types of exercise that people enjoy worldwide. Both can be pursued outdoors, whether on city roads or nature trails. So, Cycling vs. running, which one should you pick for better fitness? That depends on your goals and how you go about achieving them. Below are a few essential points to consider when selecting Cycling or running.


11. Cycling vs. Walking: Which Is Better

To determine which is better exercise for you, cycling vs. walking, depends on the intensity options. Similarly, it depends on the intensity of your walk or Cycling. You have more intensity options while cycling than walking. Cycling does have an advantage over walking in terms of calorie burn. It would be best if you were on a calorie deficit to lose weight.


12. Cycling Food Plan

Cycling Food Plan, What to Eat Before, during & after Cycling is the most crucial topic discussed. For long rides, cyclists especially require a high amount of energy. Eating the wrong or too much food can be worse, like eating nothing. Your food intake after each ride will depend on its length and intensity.


13. The Best Investment You Could Ever Make In A Bicycle

Cycling is more than a sport; it can be a reasonable commuting tool. Below are a few reasons why investing in a bicycle is the best investment ever.

As you know, Cycling is a low-cost exercise. Kids’ bicycles on Rent are readily available just by searching Sanrocycles online. Sanrocycles provides a bike at your doorstep and again collects it from the doorstep. So there is no chance for you to say, ” Oh, I have to search for a bicycle shop; I have to walk there, rent a cycle, return it, and walk again. ” No excuses here.


14. Practical Tips For a Healthy Christmas And New Year

Festivals and food go hand in hand. There are many cheat meals, and you may feel less than jolly. Christmas is a season of parties. It is a great time to meet with friends and family. But all these functions can take a toll on your health and waistline. Again, there are New Year resolutions, and we need to start from what we have stated previously. Below are a few critical practical tips for a healthy Christmas and New Year.


15. What Happens When You Ride The Bicycle Regularly

If you’re not ready to ride a bicycle daily, try taking short-term rides. Start a habit by having smaller goals at a time. That way, you might prove to yourself what’s possible. Need an extra push? Here are a few life-changing benefits of Cycling: What happens when you ride a bicycle regularly?


16. Andharban Bicycle Ride

Nowadays, everyone wants traffic-free roads and pollution-free Aroma of nature. Andharban bicycle ride is the best place to visit on a bicycle. Andharban is made up of 2 words: Andhar means Darkness, and ban means Thick forest. The dark, thick, forest-covered region of Andharban is a hot spot for Hilly road cycling. Whether you are looking to ride on local village roads surrounded by rice plantations or have a gentle cycle through the valley, you can do it straight at Andharban cycling with one of the best organizers from Pune, i.e., Pedal Thirst Adventures!!!


17. Cycling Accident Prevention Tips

Nowadays, riding a bicycle is among youngsters’ favorite hobbies and is one of the best exercises for adults. Cycling accident prevention tips are the most discussed topic. Compared to riding motorbikes or cars, cyclists have less protection and can be more dangerous. But if followed by the proper safety tips, these accidents can be avoided, and Cycling can be safe. Below are a few cycling accident prevention tips.


18. Which Cycle Is Best, Gear Or Without Gear

We need to find out which cycle suits us and which is the best or without gear. As the name implies, a single-speed bicycle has one gear, and a multispeed bicycle has multiple gears ranging from three to thirty gears. For the bike, there are two basic categories: Multispeed cycles and Single-speed cycles. The advantages are many, but they have significant drawbacks for some riders. Single-speed training, or a dedicated single-geared bike or the same exclusive gear on a multi-geared bike, has become a welcome addition to the practical training program of many cyclists.




19. Health Benefits Of Using Bicycle

I still remember my old bicycle in my hand on the very first day. I was curious about how this thing works and how the bike moves so fast. Your parent’s siblings helped you to ride a bicycle. My mom and dad were working, and being the first kid, I never got a chance to learn from my elder sibling, so one of my caretakers, who was eight years old, helped me learn to bicycle. There are many health benefits of using a bike




These are our top 19 blog posts in 2019 related to bicycles, which will give you an idea about bicycles. Our Top 19 Blog Posts Of 2019 will give you a perfect idea for the bicycle topics.


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