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Bicycle on rent in Baner available at affordable prices. Rent for a bicycle available with all your preferences for a day, month and quarterly basis. Whatsapp us on +918237678474 to rent. Book Now. All branded bicycles available on rent at the lowest in Baner. Bicycles can be provided for all types of bicycle events and rally. Book your bicycle now.

Are you looking to Book a bicycle for a Month in Baner at an attractive price, we can provide a bicycle at your doorstep.

You can visit places which you have never thought about. If you are a newbie or an experienced once and come to know the best cycling routes in Baner, how exciting it will be. Cycling trips can help you to explore more new and different and unknown places.

If you have already visited places on the bike but if you visit the same place on cycling experience will be different. Yes, you can just pedal your way through different routes and come much closer to nature. Lush greenery, beautiful road, and traffic free roads and pollution.

You can just hire a bicycle and start cycling. Just leave the city for a while and explore new places and take a much-needed break. Due to heavy traffic while going to the office you can use a bicycle. Imagine how much fuel and time it can save. Apart from this no need to give extra time for exercise.

You can use a bicycle for a daily commute and also use it while going to the office. If you don’t own a bicycle, you don’t even know if there is a bicycle rental shop available in your area at a reasonable rate.

Well, cheer up friends! SanroCycles makes it easy for you to Bicycle on rent in Baner and at your specific location. Your bicycle for rent is just a phone call away. And not just a phone call but you can also reach us on WhatsApp and Facebook. You can give us a call or send a WhatsApp message or PM on Facebook and we will deliver the cycle to your home.

How we work:

  1. Got a thought of cycling, don’t own a cycle and prefer to rent a bicycle for a Month.
  2. Ring a bell at SanroCycles. Send a WhatsApp message to Sanrocycles. 
  3. Provide your address and time to the Sanrocycles team and bicycle can be delivered at the doorstep.
  4. After Month we can collect from the doorstep.

How easy, isn’t it? No hassle to pick up a bicycle, by the time you finish your work and get ready for cycling, your bicycle is delivered at your home in Baner.

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