How Cycling Can Keep You, Young?

The health benefits that cycling can provide are quite well known. Cycling makes an individual extremely fit and in the case of adults, it can make them feel younger as well. A recent study revealed that cyclists who are above sixty-five can maintain a walking efficiency very similar to adults who are in their twenties. The benefits of bicycle riding for seniors are plenty and the greatest advantage is that it helps maintain good walking efficiency. Good Cycling efficiency simply means that a lot of energy is not required to Cycle. It allows an individual to walk more briskly and not get tired very easily.

Cycling helps you build muscles and keep them fit and strong. Cycling also helps with the blood circulation around the body and weight loss. Research once conducted with cyclists showed that if an adult cycled a minimum of twenty miles per week then the risk of developing coronary heart diseases is reduced. This means that cycling helps reduce stress and tension which eventually makes you feel happy, healthy, and fit. Here are a few health benefits of regular cycling:

Health benefits of regular cycling

  • The greatest benefit of bicycle riding for seniors is that it is a very low-impact and low-stress exercise. While cycling the body muscles move in very smooth motions and it doesn’t put any undue stress on the body. The circular movements of the body while cycling doesn’t strain the body.
  • The biggest problem among seniors in today’s day and age is weight gain.  Bicycle riding is a great method to keep the body active and lose all the weight gained. The health benefits of regular cycling include burning calories without putting the body through a lot of strain and wear and tear. Bicycle riding is a perfect way for seniors to stay in shape and maintain their bodies.
  • The most known causes for death in seniors are related to heart diseases such as heart attack, stroke, etc. Cycling is a great exercise to keep these diseases at bay. Cycling helps maintain your heart capacity. During cycling, the body requires a lot more oxygen to keep going, thus forcing the heart to pump more oxygen. This will keep the cells oxygenated adequately and enable them to release more energy which will keep you going.

For senior citizens, there is no need of buying cycles in Pune because one can find cycles on rent in Pune. Cycling as a form of sport and exercise is a lot of fun and provides an excellent adrenaline rush. Nowadays there are also online bicycle stores in Pune that provide bicycles on rent for senior citizens. There are excellent bicycling routes in and around Pune for senior citizens to explore and ride on. The health benefits of bicycle riding have already been listed but here’s looking at the other benefits of bicycle riding for seniors:

Benefits of bicycle riding for seniors: 

  1. Cycling is a great way to start your day on a positive note. It helps you in waking up by boosting blood circulation and helps you start your day with a sense of accomplishment. It allows you to make more healthy and good choices as the day goes ahead. Cycling helps boost metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.
  2. The greatest issue today is carbon emission and the release of greenhouse gases which is leading to global warming. It is an excellent way of reducing the carbon footprint and also contributes towards saving the planet. It can be a great transport option for senior citizens because it won’t involve waiting or getting stuck in traffic for long periods.
  3.   One of the greatest benefits of cycling for seniors is that it helps maintain posture and coordination. Balance and coordination reduce with aging and inactivity. Improved balance is extremely beneficial for seniors because it helps prevent any kind of fall or fractures that are caused by poor balance.

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How Cycling Makes You Healthier and Happier?

It has been proved that cycling makes you healthier and happier. It can ease down the feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Cycling helps to improve concentration and makes you more aware of the present moment. It also helps to calm the mind and soul and allows you to relax your mind. Cycling is a very fun activity that helps release endorphins that reduce stress and pain. It also releases serotonin that promotes happiness and mental well-being. A healthy and happy individual will be less prone to age-related diseases and have a long lifespan.


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Best Cycling routes in Pune

Some of the best cycling routes in Pune include Sinhagad Road, Pune-Lonavala, and Pune-Mulshi. These roads are great for cycling enthusiasts because it helps them explore great cycling routes. It can fit into the lifestyle of an elderly person much easier because it can be used practically, traveling from one place to another. It is a lot easier on the joints of the body while getting from one point to another because it requires less effort.

Cycling is a ‘heart health’ hobby that promotes brain activity and goes gentle on the environment as well. It is a really fun outdoor activity that also helps in the stimulation of the senses. Unlike running and swimming, cyclists can ride in groups and have good conversations with fellow riders. We can pedal any day in the year. It acts as an excellent recreational activity and is a great overall activity to maintain fitness and mental well-being.

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