Tips while buying a bicycle for Kids

Finding the best Bicycle for your kid is a big task for a parent. Tips for buying a bicycle for kids depend on the wheels’ size, whether or not it has gears, the brakes, and how durable it is. Most people still remember their first Bicycle and the painful yet fun moments they experienced while learning to ride it. Similarly, we should try to give our kids the same experience while learning to ride a bicycle.


Tips while buying a bicycle for Kids


Bicycles are essential for kids at an early stage. It helps to improve physical growth, stamina, balance, and mental health. Buy a kid’s cycle at highly affordable prices at Sanrocycles. A fully fitted children’s Bicycle with all accessories is available at your doorstep. Check kids’ cycle prices on the shop now on the Sanrocycles portal.

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Getting the right kid’s Bicycle for your little one is not just about heading down to the Bicycle store and purchasing one; it takes more than that. You have to consider other factors and features.

Below are a few tips for buying a bicycle for kids.


Wheel Size

The wheel size depends on your child’s age and height. Young riders aged 2 to 3 should be comfortable with 12 inches. Kids aged 4 to 6 should be satisfied with 14 inches, children aged 6 to 8 are comfortable with 16 inches, and children aged 9 to 11 with 20 inches. Twenty-four inches is excellent for children aged 11 and over. Be sure that the wheels on the Bicycle you purchase are comfortable enough for your child to use easily.


It would be best to consider your child’s weight and the weight of the Bicycle before purchasing a bicycle. It is recommended that the Bicycle weigh no more than 32% of your little one’s weight. A lightweight bicycle will also make carrying it in and out of the house easier.

Hand Brakes

Hand brakes on the left side and right of the handlebar are essential for teaching your kid to ride a bicycle. Although it requires more skills, it allows the kid to apply them wherever they are. It will enable your child to activate both front and rear brakes with one lever, which offers a quick and sure stop. Left-hand or pedal breaks, pedal brakes should be given more importance than pedal breaks. Choose whichever you think your child will be comfortable selecting the Bicycle accordingly.



Whether to buy a single-gear or multiple-gear Bicycle depends on your child’s riding style and where they want to take their bicycles. A single-gear bicycle is more leisurely to pedal and more affordable than a multi-multiple-gear bicycle. Multiple gears allow your child to traverse more challenging terrains and are best suited for experienced bicycle riders.



Your child’s Bicycle should be sturdy enough to withstand the hardships of learning. Your child will fall and or hit walls or trees, and the Bicycle should be ready for all these to guarantee years of service. The most common bicycles are made of either steel or aluminum.



Regarding safety, bicycle parts have been designed with kids in mind to ensure they are always safe. Always check the Bicycle before purchasing it. Ensure all the parts are tightly fitted. Always check tire pressure and do service once every two to three months.

These are a few factors everyone should consider before buying any bicycle.


Tips while buying a bicycle for Kids


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