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Prevention Of Cycling Injuries

Injury is part of the cycling sport. Prevention of cycling injuries is a big task for every cyclist. However, cycling is a convenient type of transport with a shallow impact on the environment. It improves our physical and mental health. It is a delightful physical activity for all ages. However, incorrect riding posture and demanding too much of your body can lead to various cycling-related injuries. Although some injuries are impossible to avoid, there are some things every cyclist can do to prevent injuries. Every cyclist should try to avoid the Prevention of cycling injuries. Below are a few lists of Prevention of cycling injuries.


Numb toes during cycling

Due to increased blood supply demand by leg muscles during cycling, toes can get numb. Numb toes during cycling can also happen due to wearing tight shoes or too much climbing, which puts continuous pressure on the legs. The best way to prevent cycling injuries or numb toes is to check below.

How to reduce numb toes during cycling:

  • Adjust your shoes.
  • Stay Dry
  • Check the position of the toes while climbing. 


Prevention of cycling injuries 


Hand Injuries

Pain in the wrist or hands might be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The earliest sign of a hand injury is numbness in the fingers. The carpal tunnel is a small space at the base of the wrist. The carpal tunnel is a common injury among cyclists. You can check below for the best way to prevent cycling injuries.


To prevent or reduce hand injuries:

  • The wrist should be kept straight.
  • Use gloves to minimize vibration.
  • Check the grip for handlebars. The grip should be firm yet relaxed.
  • The position should be changed frequently.

 Lower back pain during cycling

Lower back pain is a weak link for many riders. Cyclists usually develop strong leg muscles, but they don’t always have the strength to support and resist the force from their legs. This makes your back work too hard, causing fatigue.


 To prevent lower back pain:

  • Get into the habit of keeping your back straight during rides. This will improve your riding and ease the pain.


Shoulder pain during cycling

A bicycle handle that is too long or short can hurt your shoulder. Injury to the shoulder usually occurs during longer rides. Riding with straight elbows can also cause injury if too much weight is placed on the hands. 


How to prevent it?

  • The saddle should not be uncomfortable.
  • Keep the handlebar in the correct size.
  • Keep the elbows slightly flexed.

Neck Pain

Sitting on a bicycle in an awkward or uncomfortable position for a long time can cause neck pain. Neck pain during cycling is due to improper positioning on the bicycle.


How to prevent it?

  • Fix your posture
  • Make your bicycle fit with your body.


What can be done?

  • Apply heat or ice to the painful area.
  • Do slow range-of-motion exercises, up and down, side to side, and from ear to ear.
  • Avoid jerks and keep moving.


Knee Injuries due to cycling

Mostly knee injury pain from Patellofemoral pain syndrome. It mainly occurs due to the overuse of cycling or also due to a cyclist riding too fast. Also, saddle height plays an important role. The saddle should not be too high or too low,


To prevent or remedy knee injuries:

  • Slowly build up your strength through training to minimize strain on the knees,
  • Adjust saddle height so you have almost straightened your knee with the ball of your foot over the pedal axle at its lowest position. 
  • Increase hard training slowly.
  • Switch to lower gears whenever you can. Pedaling in high gear for a long time will stress your knee joints.



Muscle tightness due to cycling

Muscle tightness caused by cycling usually results from damage to muscular fibers. Proper rest after long rides helps muscles recover. Tightness can also occur due to increased blood flow to a particular muscle.

How to prevent:

  • Always warm up before you get on the bike and cool down when you’re done.
  • Stretch so your muscles are flexible. Use a foam roller for extra help. 


These are a few common cycling injuries that might occur, and a few tips on injury prevention are provided.


List to remember to avoid cycling injuries.

  • Common cycling injuries occur due to incorrect riding postures and too much cycling. 
  • The possibility of cycling injuries involving collisions with other vehicles, falling from a bicycle, or hitting a stationary object is also very low. 
  • Children, particularly those of primary school age, are most at risk of bicycling injury.


Prevention of cycling injuries 


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