Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know

Cycling hand signals are essential to know while on the Road. You should know proper hand signals to alert others of your intentions, whether riding solo or in a group. Learn essential hand signals to keep yourself and others safe. Check the Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know. Every cyclist should know these critical hand signals to help alert others.



Cycling Hand Signals


The stop hand signal is one of the essential hand signals, especially when you are on a group ride. Raising your hand in case of an emergency alerts other cyclists. Raising your hand above your head may be an appropriate option as it is more visible to other cyclists. If you require an immediate stop and are both hands-on leavers, you can call out “Stop” at this station.


Left Turn:

This signal is mainly used when you want to turn left. Whether entering an adjacent lane or making a left turn, this signal helps other riders know your intentions and alerts them to your actions. To signal a left turn, extend your left arm away from your body to shoulder height, parallel to the Road.


Right Turn:

This signal is usually used when you want to change direction to the right-side lane or turn right. It mainly alerts other riders about your intention to turn right. To signal a right turn, extend your right arm away from your body to shoulder height, parallel to the Road.



cycling hand Signals2


This is one of the most essential Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know. The slow hand signal is equally important to use when you are riding alone to alert others. It helps alert other riders, especially those at the backside. Remember, at least some distance to warn if you are in a hurry. You can also call to slow down. This primary signal helps other riders behind you to know your intention.



Pothole signals are mainly used when riding in a group, and you want to alert other riders about a pothole. If you ignore to alert other riders, it can also cause an accident. It helps others to identify and then slow down accordingly. Extend your arm toward the pothole and point in that direction. You can also call out in case of an emergency.


Hazards on the Road:

It is one of the most challenging signals to convey. But anyway, you must get in a case to alert other cyclists. For example, if a parked car on the right side of the roadblocks the roadway, place your right hand behind your back and point to the left. You can also raise your arm and point toward the hazards to alert the cyclist to move accordingly.


Gravel or Debris Alert:

For specific hazards where the effect will be a potentially slippery surface, take your outstretched hand, palm down, and wave at the floor. This can also be used for a broken or unconsolidated road surface.

You can also call it “Gravel! “Loudly stating the nature of the hazard can provide important information to your fellow cyclists. Ensure you use clear, single-word calls to avoid confusion.



A sign is one of the most essential things to make a difference in road-user relations. It is a kind of acknowledgment. Acknowledge them as a road of thanks if other cars await you to pass first. It will feel better if you acknowledge them with a hand of thanks. Making this sign obvious, for example, with an additional smile or a raised thumb, can help ‘humanize’ you on the Road and convey genuine appreciation for the other road user’s actions. This is, again, one of the good Cycling Hand Signals You Need to Know to appreciate another cyclist on the Road.

Cycling Tradition

It’s also a fine road cycling tradition, especially in the Netherlands, that road cyclists acknowledge each other as they pass by. A nod of the head and smile, or a hand raised off the handlebar, will do the trick for oncoming riders. If passing a cyclist on the same side of the Road, say “hello. “Be good out there!


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You can sometimes use these hand signals to alert other riders traveling at a backside. It will help them to identify the situation or mindset of the riders riding in front of them. Sometimes, you can call in a clear voice to alert others if you are urgent. These are a few cycling hand signals you need to know beforehand. You can also set a habit for your kids to check with hand signals. It will help them to see the cycling hand signal in the early stages of their life.


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