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Group or Solo cycling in COVID 19

The global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID – 19) is spreading like a wildfire. People are using Bicycles for a daily commute and for exercise which is a very good thing for fitness. But the big question arises whether it is safe to ride in a Group or solo cycling in COVID 19 pandemic.



Group Rides

Riding in a group will expose more people to come in close proximity. Imagine if you are riding in a group and someone had a CORONA and you came in their contact and after that, you are coming back home. Your little ones, dears (Mom, Dad, and spouse) are home. They might not be that fit as you. Why are you taking this Risk?


Group rides, group photos can wait. We all know we ride without friends but we don’t know how many people your friend might have visited. It is better to avoid it. If you are staying in the house then it might be a good option. If you’re cycling with your family members with whom you are stating in one house. Still, it is good. But other than that avoid the group rides.


If you’re riding outside, it’s probably okay to meet up with a close friend that you trust as long as you remember to spread out and avoid physical contact. But you will need to check before making this decision. Having conversations with friends about how much exposure they may have had to coronavirus or how much time they’ve spent in close proximity to others is important and risk-taking.


If you’re outside with friends where the number of cases and community spread is low, and you follow basic social-distancing guidelines, the risk of spread is lower. But you may want to avoid your usual stops or mid-ride coffee stops in cramped cafés. Large groups should be avoided. Again it depends on individual to individual for the risk.


How big the Group should be during cycling?

Riding with one to three people at this stage is ok. But still, it all depends on the individual and should know the history of other group members. The smaller the group is better, you also need to consider where you will be riding to ensure that your group can stay away from others. It will be much harder to socially distance if you have a large group and are riding in a popular area


Things to consider before meeting in group rides

Again, follow guidelines. Don’t high five, do not share water bottles, and avoid hanging around chatting in close proximity in one place (or have a mask handy if you’re doing some socially distanced talking afterward). The more people you’re around, the greater the risk you could be exposed or asymptomatically spread the virus. And, while you might decide to not wear a mask while you ride, you still need to bring one with you in case of an emergency that will put you in close contact with other riders. Or if you are visiting shops for water or cold drinks most of the shops allow only if you were Mask. It is good to carry one. It is also important whether you are going to a group or Solo cycling.



Solo Ride

We suggest if you want to ride the bicycle, have a Solo ride. The solo ride has many advantages. Enjoy the ride and come back. Take necessary precautions after coming back home, such as washing clothes, hands, and other safety measures. Again it all depends on the individual to take the risk. Check the areas you are visiting. What is the situation for Coronavirus in the visiting area?

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What you can avoid at this moment?

We can avoid visiting public and crowded places on a bicycle. Avoid visiting places in groups. Everything can wait for a few days. Your life is precious. Overall, cycling in the groups should be avoided and also visiting too crowded places. Visiting public restrooms should be avoided. As we don’t know who has coughed or sneeze on the surface of the restroom. As cleaning will not be possible for public restrooms every time. Cyclist, please take care of yourself. If you don’t want to take care of yourself at least think about your family who is at home


Social Distancing

The virus is contagious, spread easily by coughing and sneezing, and can spread by people who don’t think they’re sick. Social Distance means keeping a significant distance when you’re outside. Use voice and video calls to keep in contact with one another.

Be aware of what is going in your area and if there are any restrictions or mandatory self-quarantines. And, if you’re sick or at-risk of spreading the virus, you shouldn’t go out. Overall, be sure to check your local public health recommendations, and unless you’re in quarantine, or a shelter-in-place order expressly forbids it, you can and should do exactly that. Please, Take care of Yourself. Group photos can wait for some time. Ride with proper safety measures and keep social distancing. We are an educated cyclist. Are we? Group or solo cycling in COVID 19 maintain social distancing whenever you are out there.


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As a cyclist what we can do at this moment?

The most important part of this pandemic is to ride alone. Guys take this CORONA Virus seriously. We all might be seeing in some places group ride photos and can get influenced. I guess, riding the bicycle alone is a good decision in this situation. You can go wherever you want for a short distance and come back home safely with all the safety measures taken in rides.


Think one more time if you are going in group rides. Stay safe and stay healthy. 


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