India is falling in Love with cycles

Why India is falling in Love with cycles again? Lots of people are seen nowadays pedaling on the bicycle to work. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, most of the people used to travel by public transport to the office. Once the Pandemic starts, Public transport was nearly closed. Due to government restrictions on public transport people were not able to board the buses. 

Due to this people started using bicycles for work to the office. Lots of people felt safe while traveling on the bicycle.

Across cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. people preferred bicycles to move for work or exercise or other tasks. People felt cycling for 10 km is not a big deal as there were fewer vehicles on road. People felt safe traveling on bicycles due to this. The drastic drop in the carrying capacity of public transport is resulting in huge waiting times for unlucky passengers. Many have moved to private vehicles, but for few people, cycling was the only option. 


 Why Cycling is Good?

  1. Keep Physically active: Cycling is a nice way to keep you physically active.
  2. Mental health and learning development:
  3. Cycling is pure and simple Fun: Doing the simplest things in life matters a lot. It is the kind of most rewarding thing which we gift to ourselves. Cycling is a free activity and can be enjoyed with family and friends.
  4. Bonding with the environment: Cycling helps to build a bond with the environment. They tend to explore more nature during the short trips across the city when they are out on the bicycle. In turn, it is also beneficial for the environment.
  5. Builds strength and muscle mass. Cycling should not be considered the only workout for the legs but the whole body. A healthy and balanced diet with the right amount of exercise can help to build more strength and muscle mass


What can be done while riding a bicycle?

  1. Temporary cycle lanes can be made available. Roads can be covered with temporary tapes, cones, and other temporary options. 
  2. Cyclists should feel safe. 
  3. The right infrastructure should be built.

Dedicated cycle track

A dedicated cycle track can increase safety but at this time it is difficult in the current situation. The dedicated cycle track only options to feel safe for the cyclist. Strict measures should be taken other vehicles should not be able to travel on these bicycle tracks. Countries like the Netherlands have dedicated cycle tracks and people are feeling safe too, ride the bicycle on these dedicated cycle tracks. Few countries are trying to build dedicated cycle lanes in this Pandemic situation s well. So that people can use these dedicated cycle tracks for daily commute instead of public transport.

Shops and Bicycle Rental companies

Currently, most of the workplaces started to reopen. Most of the people chose cycles as the safest mode of transport. As it will automatically save them from the contamination on packed buses. It will avoid waiting in long queues. India is falling in Love with cycles. Nowadays Lakhs of people across the cities are using the bicycle for the daily commute. Shops and bicycle rental companies are out of stock for the bicycles. People now started realizing the health benefits of riding bicycles. After the lockdown slowly the restriction was getting over, people started using cycle to work. Gyms were closed. People felt to use the bicycle as an exercise mode as well. 


Currently, the cycle is the best option to use in this situation. A silent revolution is taking place. Pandemic has pushed us to explore the age-old bicycles as a prominent mode of transport for office-goers. People are now environment conscious and they know it leaves zero carbon footprint. The cycle ticks everything on the pandemic precaution checklist. You maintain physical distancing norms because you cannot get close to anyone else. It keeps you fit. And now with less traffic on the roads, it is safer than before. After seeing many people using the bicycle, it seems our country, India is falling in Love with cycles again. Join the revolution and start using the bicycle.


Few safety measures while riding the bicycle:

  1. Riding solo is the best option currently. Whether you are going to office work for daily exercise. Once you are back at home, such as washing clothes, hands, and other safety measures. Check the areas you are visiting. What is the situation for Coronavirus in the visiting area?
  2. Avoid Group rides.  Follow the guidelines. Don’t high five, do not share water bottles and avoid hanging around chatting nearby in one place if you are going on group rides. 
  3. Avoid Selfies on highways. Despite risk people still seem intent on taking incredibly risky selfies. Selfies on the road while cycling is too risky.


As a cyclist what we can do at this moment?

  1. Start using a bicycle for a cycle to work, daily commute instead of an office or public transport.
  2. Ride solo to office or exercise.
  3. Practice social distancing during a bicycle ride.
  4. Not feeling well take rest at home.
  5. Avoid spitting while cycling. 
  6. Use all safety measures such as helmets, reflective jackets.
  7. Do the servicing of the bicycle regularly.
  8. Don’t use a mobile phone during cycling on Roads
  9. Offer help, not a photo if there is an accident.


Be sure you know what’s going on in your area and if there are any restrictions or mandatory self-quarantines. And, if you’re sick or at-risk of spreading the virus, you shouldn’t go out. Overall, be sure to check your local public health recommendations and the current health mandates in your area, found on your state and local government website before heading anywhere for a workout. And unless you’re in quarantine, or a shelter-in-place order expressly forbids it, you can and should do exactly that. 

These are a few tips for cycling during this pandemic. Always confirm you’re accustomed to cycling safety tips before riding a bicycle and always wear a helmet to reduce the prospect of great injury. Cycling after Coronavirus will not be that easy you think. You will need to take precautions if you are going to ride the bicycle outside after the lockdown.

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