Cycling Food Plan, What To Eat Before, During & After Cycling

Cycling Food Plan, What To Eat Before, During & After Cycling is the most important topic discussed for cycling. For long rides, cyclist especially requires a high amount of energy. Eating the wrong food or too much food can actually be worse like eating nothing at all. The amount of food intake you will need after each ride will depend on its length and intensity.

Both proteins and carbohydrates are critical for recovery. A lean protein such as fish or chicken paired with a carbohydrate such as rice, or Soya and/or plenty of veggies makes for recovery from an exhaustive bicycle ride. A structured and Quantified diet is more important for a cyclist. Also, the kind of food you choose before and after the ride is also an important part of recovery.


Cycling Food Plan

How long before cycling should I eat?

Everyone has different levels of comfort regarding eating around exercise, so it is important to try what works for you. In general, allow 2-4 hours before cycling, following a larger meal to allow for digestion and 30mins – 2 hours for a smaller snack.


What to eat before a ride?

“Breakfast starts with a mix of carbohydrate options, including porridge, pasta, rice, quinoa, and assorted bread, plus vegetable and fruit juices, Additionally, we ensure high protein intake at breakfast through foods such as eggs, Greek yogurt, and smoked salmon. Eat mostly complex carbs with a bit of protein and fat.


What to eat during the Ride?

Cycling Food Plan is the most important part of what to eat during the bicycle Ride. If you’ve eaten before your ride and you plan to ride for an hour or less you should be fine to cycle away without mid-refueling!If you plan to ride for more than an hour it’s a good idea to consider bringing something to refuel and rehydrate with.  If you are aiming for that 30-60 grams of carbs rate, bring a lightweight snack for refueling on the go such as a banana, low-fiber carb-based energy bars, or energy gels.

Glucose and fructose mixture can also result in better carb absorption and thus good energy production. Make sure to consume plenty of water during your ride, but not too fast!  Sip slowly and regularly. Sports drinks without added sugar are perfect for short rides, especially on hot days, to give your body the electrolytes it needs to replace sweat.

What to eat after Ride?

The first priority after rides should be gaining back lost fluids. A sports recovery drink can be an effective way to kick-start muscle replenishment. Aim for drinks that have both carbs and protein. Cycling Food Plan is the most important part of what to eat after the bicycle Ride

Eating the proper foods after your ride is essential to repair those hard-working muscles and replenish all the carbohydrates you burned up! The amount of nutrition you will need after each ride will vary depending on its length and intensity. A lean protein such as fish or chicken paired with a carbohydrate such as rice, fruit, and/or plenty of veggies makes for a mean recovery meal.

Test your nutrition during training rides. The food and digestion process depends on the rider to rider. Don’t blindly rely on advice from other cyclists. Try different nutrition which works better for you. It will be a better ride and more fun if you develop your own diet plan according to your needs and follow a simple nutrition program rather than too many details. These are just suggestions. Try different combinations of food and drink until something works for you. There is no one recipe for success. Eat mostly complex carbs with a bit of protein and fat.


Few Tips before Your Ride

Getting enough sleep is essential to any training plan–physical or mental. It is especially crucial before a long ride or race.  Eating too late at night can disrupt your digestion and the quality of your sleep so make sure to have dinner at an appropriate time.

Also, for ease of digestion, it is recommended to watch your fiber intake and to stay away from extremely spicy foods.


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Few Guidelines for Ride

For the best recovery results, eat a full, well-balanced meal within an hour of finishing any strenuous workout. Don’t rely on hunger as a cue to refuel during or after your ride. Make sure to be monitoring your energy levels in and out and refueling accordingly. Consuming a healthy, carb-focused meal that is low in fat and free of heavy proteins before a ride will provide you with the necessary fuel you need to pedal forward. Refueling with protein and carbohydrates after a ride is essential for recovery.  Finding out which foods and nutritional products work best for you and your body can take some time and experimentation.

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