Cycling Accident Prevention Tips

Nowadays, riding a bicycle is among the favorite hobby among youngsters and it is one of the best exercises for adults as well. Cycling accident prevention tips most discussed topic. Compared to riding motorbikes or cars, cyclists is having less protection and can be more dangerous. But if followed by the proper safety tips these accidents can be avoided and riding a cycle can be safe. Below are a few cycling accident prevention tips.

Using a helmet while riding a bicycle and proper safety gear during the ride won’t offer much protection during a run-in with a motor vehicle. The best way to approach safe riding is to take steps and prevent these incidents before they occur, regardless of who is responsible for the accident.


Cycling Accident Prevention Tips

Bicycle Safety Tips:

When cyclist shares the road with other vehicles, bicycle safety rules is of utmost importance. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe and prevent accidents while on the ride.

Wear a Helmet:

One of the most important cycling accident prevention tips wearing a helmet can protect the head and can reduce the risk of head injury in case of an accident. In some countries, laws for wearing a helmet during a bicycle ride do exist and it is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

While purchasing a bicycle helmet, make sure it meets all the safety standards. Look for one with EPS foam and a thin plastic shell. There should be a sticker on the interior indicating that the helmet meets the safety standards. Regardless of your age, the laws of your state are to always wear a helmet while cycling, even for a short distance.


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Ride with the Flow of Traffic

All other vehicles on the road use signals to indicate that they are taking a turn. So, to avoid accidents, keep your eyes on the road and read the signals right. If the bicycle paths are not available, the cyclist has to ride with the flow of traffic.


Watch for aggressive or distracted drivers.

If you notice a vehicle moving erratically or a driver, who is clearly distracted or experiencing road rage, do your best to remove yourself from their immediate surroundings. If necessary, pull off to the side of the road and allow them to pass.


Ride defensively.

Even if you obey all of the laws, traffic signs, signals, and lane markings, you can’t guarantee that other motorists will do the same. Don’t leave your safety in their hands, pay attention to everything going around you, and be prepared to react at any given time. Look on both sides of the road before taking a turn. When turning left or right always look behind and give a hand signal.


How to maximize your visibility on a Bicycle

  • Always try to wear bright color clothes. When a motorist can see you, they’re less likely to hit you.
  • Try to wear reflective clothing at night.
  • Reflective garments, including reflectors, are fitted to the back of your shoes.
  • Strapping on your helmet before a ride.

Stay Alert

Riding a bicycle demands the same level of attention as driving a car. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings, listen to the sounds of nearby vehicles, and keep both hands free in case you have to suddenly use both breaks. So distractions like music and texting can be dangerous. Always keep an eye out for obstacles in your path, watch out for pedestrians, and open vehicle doors. Equipping your bicycle with a rear-view mirror, horn or bell, and a bright headlight is highly recommended.


Pre-Check before ride

Be prepared for your ride, not only you but your bicycle too. Check all the parts of the bicycle to ensure the bicycle is in good working condition. Please check below for the pre-checks before the ride which will definitely help if you are aiming for long-distance rides.

  1. Tire and wheels
  2. Air Pressure
  3. Gears
  4. Brakes
  5. Pedals
  6. Reflective elements


Safety rules on Road for a bicycle ride.

  1. Signal when changing lanes.
  2. Ride on the left side when safe to do so.
  3. Follow all signs, signals, and road markings.
  4. Follow speed positioning, with the slowest vehicles and bicycles staying farthest to the right, and only passing on the left.
  5. Adhere to lane positioning, riding three feet to the left of traffic when sharing lanes.


What can be avoided?

  1. Drunken Riding
  2. Signal jumping
  3. Riding without a helmet
  4. Overspeeding


These are a few simple tips that can be followed to avoid road accidents. By following these safety tips and practices, you can reduce your risk of being involved in an accident while cycling. Always ensure you are familiar with cycling safety tips before riding a bicycle and always wear a helmet to reduce the risk of serious injury.



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Best Cycling Routes In Pune

Are you ready to get in touch with nature to take a day trip using a bicycle? You can visit places which you have never thought about. If you are a newbie or an experienced one and come to know the best cycling routes in Pune, how exciting it will be. The best cycling routes in Pune help you to explore more new and different and unknown places nearby the Pune location.

If you have already visited places on a Bike but if you visit the same place cycling experience will be different. There are some best cycling routes in Pune that can give you the best experience of your lifetime. Are you looking for regular rides around Pune? Here is a definitive guide on some of the top 10 best cycling routes across Pune.

Best Cycling Routes In Pune

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Best Cycling Routes In Pune: Pune-Sinhagad

Pune-Sinhagad has located just 35 km from the city, this is a much-visited place on cycle, especially during the rainy season. It is one of the best Cycling Routes in Pune during Monsoons. If you want to increase your endurance you should set this goal to visit this Pune-Sinhagad route. You can start early morning and avoid city traffic. Once you reach Khadakwasala, you can easily see the Sinhagad fort. It is one of the challenging routes in which physical and mental strength is tested in this Pune-Sinhagad route. You can have an unforgettable ride and an excellent view. Cycling on Sinhagad fort is not easy but at the same time exciting. It is a much more rewarding and challenging journey at the same time.

Route Details: Rajaram bridge > Sinhagad road > Khadakwasala > Donje Phata > Golewadi > Sinhagad ghat > Sinhagad top & back

Distance: 70 km Total


Pune-Sinhagad route

Pune-Necklace Point

Pune-Necklace Point near Bhor is one of the Beautiful spots near Pune to visit on a Bicycle. The Pune-Necklace point has some awesome routes and scenic views. Necklace point is located just 60 km from Pune. it is the best place to visit on a bicycle and a good place to visit during weekends with group rides or individuals. En route you can visit the Bhatghar dam as well, where the river bends itself in the form of a necklace, the view from this place is awesome. You should leave early in the morning to avoid traffic on the Satara highway.

Distance: 120 Km Total

Pune-Necklace Point

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Mulshi is Located just 50kms from the heart of the city, its ideal place for campaign and riding cycle. You can just explore the beauty of the flora and fauna of Mulshi and thrill at the same time by riding a bicycle on Mulshi road. For some photographers, it might be a dream come true on the Pune-Mulshi route. View of beautiful lakes view and waterfalls in the rainy season, once you are on Pune- Mulshi route, will simply mesmerize anyone. And not to mention the breathtaking fog all around and the best cycling route in Pune. Take a mountain bike or any hybrid bike and start your ride.

Distance: 100 Km Total


Pune-Mulshi best cycling route in Pune

Best Cycling Routes In Pune: Pune-Lonavala

Pune-Lonavala route is again one of the best routes for cyclist lovers. Just 60 km from Pune and you can reach Lonavala. Pune-Lonavala is one of the popular routes for cyclists most on weekends. A 120 + km total distance (60 km one-way approx) of moderate terrains and fairly smooth roads for the most part of the ride. More cyclists usually prefer this ride as the condition of the roads is always great. Be safe, use a helmet while riding the bicycle and carry enough water and snacks.

One main reason that this route is popular among the riders is due to the lush greenery around the roads and the fresh air. You can always capture the backwater of Lonavala and the beautiful sunrise. It is a perfect place to visit. Again it is the best cycling route in Pune. Smooth sailing on good road quality, weather always is good towards Lonavla and the chay and vada pav at Lonavala zero milestones are worth every bit of effort. the route doubles up in its scenic value in the monsoons with some amazing rain encountered on the way. A word of caution; please wear reflective clothing, carry good hydration, and have front lights and rear lights.

Route: PCMC > Vadgaon Phata >JCB, Talegaon are some good routes if you stay in the PCMC area.

Distance: 120 Km Total



Best Cycling Routes In Pune: Pune-Lavasa

The Pune-Lavasa route is one of the best cycling routes in Pune for cycle lovers. Lavasa is located Just 51 km from Chandani Chawk, this ride is an unforgettable journey. Pune-Lavasa road is really good, one can enjoy this beauty-full ride. A bicycle ride can provide you with a thrilling experience. Pune-Lavasa route is famous for its advantageous location on the shore of the Warasgaon Lake making it one of the major hotspots for all sorts of water sports and activities.

It is one of the top 10 best cycling routes in Pune for cycling lovers. The view from the top of Sinhagad is worth every drop of sweat spent while climbing up the ghat. The route doubles up in its scenic value in the monsoons with small waterfalls all along the route. The route is good for regular riders and those who want to give that extra push to climb a ghat.

Route: Chandani chowk > Bhugaon > Bhukum > Pirangut > Urawade > Mutha > Kharawade > Lavharde > Lavasa top & back

Distance: 100 km Total




Pune-Rihe dam and back.

The Pune-Rihe route is one of the best cycling routes in Pune for cycle lovers. A 60 km total distance (30 km one way) of easy riding. The beautiful scenic route, riding alongside water bodies for most of the ride, Rihe dam in itself is quite a scenic destination. It’s a small dam with the backwaters making the destination look etheral. The route is good for regular riders as well as all those who have just taken up cycling. The monsoons can be a bit tricky due to heavy rains in this region.

The route is good for regular riders and those who want to give that extra push to climb a ghat.  A word of caution; please wear reflective clothing, carry good hydration, and have front lights and rear lights.

Route: Chandani-Chwak > Bavdhan > sus > change >nande >mulkhed>ghotawade>rihe

Distance: 60 km Total

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Best Cycling Routes In Pune: Pune-Panshet Dam

Panshet Dam is one of the best trips from Pune for cycle lovers. Reaching the Pune-Panshet Dam via Sinhagad road is a must-see place. You can enjoy lots of scenic views while riding a bicycle. This is a gorgeous route in the Western Ghats, the weather in this part of the country is generally pleasant throughout the year. It is one of the top 10 best cycling routes in Pune for cycling lovers. Apart from the beautiful view, you can get fresh air and scenic beauty to see all over. So just take a break from the city and have a beautiful ride.

Route: Rajaram bridge > Sinhagad road > Khadakwasla > Donje Phata > Khanapur > Panshet & back

Distance: 90 km

Pune-Panshet Dam



Pune-Kasarsai Dam

Kasarsai Dam is a beautiful place to visit on Pedal and explore the nearby place. Route from Pune-Kasarsai Dam is still less crowded.  The Pune-KAsarsai Dam road to reach this point is not that good. You can take a boat ride once you reach Kasar Sai Dam. You can see the bridge, dam, and pseudo trekking point. Options are food is less. Carrying your own food during rides is always a good option. It is one of the best Cycling Routes In Pune.

Route: Wakad Flyover > Hinjwadi Wipro circle > Laxmi chowk > Marunji > Kasarsai Dam & back

Distance: 35 Km Total

Pune-Kasarsai Dam



Khadakwasala has located just 20 km from Pune. Pune-Khadakwasala is again a good bicycle route for beginners. Pune-Khadakwasala is again one of the top 10 best cycling routes in Pune for cycle lovers. Lush greenery, beautiful roads, and traffic-free roads and pollution. You can just hire a bicycle and start cycling. Just leave the city for a while and explore these places. You can take a much-needed break from the city chaos. Khadakwasala is one of the famous dams near Pune. The dam is constructed on River Mutha which is the source of water supply in Pune and its suburban regions.

Distance: 40 km Total



Heritage of Pune:

There are many places in the heritage of Pune. But one of the most visited heritage places is Shaniwar Wada. There are many more places you can visit during these rides. All the places are in the heart of Pune. So less likely you can get the traffic-free roads. So it is better to plan the bicycle ride early morning or late at night. Night rides are popular in Pune during weekends. So prepare yourself for the wonderful heritage visit.

Distance: 25 km Total

Tips for Bicycle Ride: 

  • Always pre-check the routes and decide the route accordingly.
  • Keep all the latest information about the route in advance.
  • It is better to visit the places in groups. 
  • Carry enough water and food for the ride.
  • Carry a puncture kit and get your bicycle serviced before the ride.
  • Wearing a helmet & reflective waist is highly recommended & should be compulsory.
  • Keep updated with your near and dear ones if you’re going on long rides.
  • Guided tours are a better option than inviting a disaster.
  • Check your fitness level for the long ride. Initially start with smaller bicycle rides.

So take it as a Challenge and start exploring the best cycling routes in Pune on the bicycle. The world is waiting for you to rise up and be the best you can be. If you already own a bicycle, great! If not, don’t worry. You can hire the best bicycle from an online store and start riding a bicycle in Pune or Pimpri-Chinchwad area. Make sure you do enough practice before going on these long-distance bicycle rides with the appropriate safety measures. So go ahead! Start cycling daily and make it a part of your daily life.

Note: The distance provided for the different locations from Pune is approximate. The distance can change according to your starting point and endpoints. 


top 10 best cycling routes in Pune


Start cycling daily and contribute to a healthier life. If you have a cycle it is ok, if not don’t worry. You can hire a Bicycle on Rent in Pune or Pimpri-Chinchwad and start cycling. You can also book a cycle online and Rent a bicycle. There is also an online bicycle store from which you can book a bicycle at a reasonable price