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Selfies on the road while cycling

Selfies on the road while cycling

Selfies are becoming part of daily life nowadays. People are risking life to take Selfies on the Road during cycling. Despite risk people still seem intent on taking incredibly risky selfies. Selfies on the Road while cycling is too risky.

Are there any rules while taking selfies? Yes, there are. Please check the below points before risking your life on Roads and highways.

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Safety comes first.

Never take a selfie in a situation where you can risk your life. Avoid selfies on the road when you are cycling on the highway. If you put out the camera for a selfie while cycling, you are not only putting your own life in danger but also the people who are riding on roads. You should concentrate on the road while cycling. Do not risk your life for few photos. Avoids selfies where there is too much risk of an accident.

Don’t click for humor’s sake.

In case you are in a situation where you think it is funny and put out of the camera to click a photo you are risking your life. Other vehicles are also on road, in case your balance goes imagine what will happen.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t click for humor’s sake.

Don’t use a mobile phone during cycling on Roads

Sometimes during cycling, people use mobile phones while cycling on Roads. Avoids calls on the phone while cycling. You can come aside on road and then pick up the call. You should concentrate on the road while cycling. Whatever pro cyclist you are. You should follow at least basic rules while cycling.

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Be respectful.

Be mindful while taking selfies. For example, if you are at a holocaust museum, taking a selfie in front of an exhibit shows a lack of respect for those whose lives were lost in this horrific era. People’s emotions are still raw over what happened, and they are likely to be that way for centuries.

Avoid group photos on Road highway

Cyclists usually snap photos with their colleagues during cycling called group photos. You are risking your life in such cases. Group photos can wait. There is a dangerous spot on highways as well, avoid photos.

Show kindness.

When you see someone less fortunate than you, don’t stop and pose for a selfie. Instead, do something. Carry biscuits or chocolates and offer them to the kids where you visit.

Offer help, not a photo if there is an accident.

If you witness any accident during cycling, offer help. Call emergency instead of taking selfies. Warn others. Don’t start taking selfies in this situation. The only time you should take a picture of the situation is if it can be of some help later to show what happened. Never post a photo on Social media of tragedy or accident.

Don’t overdo selfies on social media.

If you want to snap photos while cycling from start to end of the ride, it is completely ok but doesn’t overdo selfies on social media. Just don’t think everyone wants to see every single aspect of your day. Choose one good one (preferably one that is interesting to someone other) and post it. If you do more, people may see you as narcissistic.

Selfies can be loads of fun, but they can also go very dangerous. Particularly if certain guidelines aren’t followed. If you want to take selfies, that’s fine, as long as you do it with precautions. If you are like most people, you’ll want to show yourself in a positive light. Take a moment before snapping the picture. That selfie might epic but not worth your life. Your life is precious. Don’t risk your life for few snaps.

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