Cycling vs. Walking Which Is Better

To determine the better exercise is for you Cycling vs. walking, which is better, it depends on the intensity options.  Similarly, it depends on the intensity of your walk or Cycling. You have more intensity options while cycling than walking. Cycling does have an advantage over walking in terms of calorie burn. You need to be on a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Cycling vs. Walking, Which Is Better

 Cycling vs. walking which is better for Calories Burned

Cycling is a much faster way to lose weight than walking in terms of calories burned. More calories are burned in the case of cycling than in walking. You need to burn calories and a calorie deficit can help you to lose weight. On average according to studies 70 kg person can burn approximately 500 to 600 calories in an hour by cycling (depending on intensity and person to person) as compared to only 300 calories per hour walking.

Hunger Reduction

Walking suppress very little appetite, this can say how effective is walking for losing weight. Cycling can suppress more appetite as compared to walking.  However, weight loss is a commitment to exercise. So, if you are going to walk more as compared to cycling then it can still be a better choice. But time and effort eventually increase in this case.

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If you compare the speed, then walking is an all-time slow process than cycling. It is very difficult to change the heart rate in this case. In the case of cycling, you can sprint for a few mins and then you can slow down. Walking requires constant energy input.

Muscle Target

Both cycling and walking use all the muscles from the lower body to some extent but the group muscle target is different. For cycling, the muscles used most heavily are the Glutes and Quadriceps – since these are the muscles involved in pushing and pulling on the pedals.  Walking, on the other hand, really targets your calves and gluteus medius these are the muscles involved in pushing off the ground and balancing your body weight as you fall forward during the step.

Building Muscles

In the case of building muscles in comparison with cycling vs. walking which is better cycling plays an important role to build leg muscles instead of Walking. The reason is that while walking it takes advantage of gravity so that you’re effectively falling forward with each step, a highly efficient motion. Because of this, walking will help you to burn calories but won’t build muscles.

Worse, your muscle tone could actually decrease if you lose weight since you are then carrying less weight on your legs with each step cycling, on the other hand, is great for leg muscle tone since it is a non-weight-bearing exercise, so the strain you’re putting on your body is transferred to your muscles rather than your bone


If your goals are to burn calories cycling is a much more efficient choice than walking as it burns twice as calories as walking. When you have a short time and burn more calories than walking, cycling always has the upper hand as it burns more calories in lesser time as compared to walking. If you’re looking for a sport with the lowest commitment and the most spontaneity, walking may be the better choice.

Visit new places

Cycling allows you to explore new places because you can cover significant ground during a workout of only a few hours. Every additional mile you explore means more possible routes and more scenery along the way. Even a full day of walking in one direction can take you only as far as an hour of driving would.


Walking requires only an investment in a good pair of shoes. Walking is also always available. Cycling can be a little bit expensive, but you think your time and money can be saved a lot.

While the two sports have much in common in terms of the general cardiovascular benefits they offer, they also differ significantly in the finer details of how they impact your body, how effective they are as mechanisms for burning calories and building muscles, and how easy it is to get into the sport. so if seeing a lot of scenery inspires you to exercise, it may be superior.

Whether you choose to cycle or walk, however, be sure to enjoy the journey.


Cycling vs. Walking, Which Is Better


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