How To Clean And Maintain Your Bicycle At Home

If you spend much time riding the bicycle more often, plan to clean it more frequently. Especially in wet and muddy conditions, cleaning the Bicycle is a must. Bicycles contain many movable parts, and all are used during the ride. They are keeping your bicycle parts properly cleaned and lubricated for good performance. Lubrication protects moving parts from excessive wear caused by friction, prevents them from “freezing up,” and helps keep rust and corrosion at bay. Bicycle riders should check how to clean and maintain their Bicycle at home.

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Bicycle on Rent in Pune and PCMC

Accessories required


Clean clothes: Keep clean clothes handy for grease, wax, and oil-related stuff. Your hands will be protected due to this.


Gloves: Wear gloves to protect your hands while cleaning the Bicycle. Bicycle oil can bes a nightmare toremovet from under your nails. If it’s too late, scrub your hands with soap and sugar, adding water only at the end.

Brushes: Old Toothbrush will work great. Have several sizes to clean the places where the hand is not reachable easily.

Water: Used water properly, as high pressure can damage sensitive and small parts.

Bicycle wash cleaner: Use diluted dishwashing soap or wash cleaner for frame cleaning.

Chain lubricant:

Use chain lubricants to extend the life of the chain. Wet lube is best when riding in wet conditions. When dirt sticks to it, clean the dirt using a cloth. Dry lube can be used in a dry environment. Less dirt gets stuck to it, but if the rain comes, it can easily remove the dry lubricant.

Excess lubricant

It is one of the most important parts of cleaning and maintaining your Bicycle at home. Over-lubricating can lead to poor performance and component damage. If you use excess lubricant, then it will attract dirt and other particles. Performance may decrease due to this. Excess lubricant should be carefully wiped.

What parts need to be cleaned?

Dry clothes can be used to clean dirty bicycle components. Other parts may require brushing and scrubbing. Washing with high pressure can damage sensitive components, so use it carefully. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Clean your frame
  2. Clean and use lubricant to the chain
  3. Use lubricant on your brake and derailleur levers

Sufficient tire pressure

You need to maintain sufficient tire pressure. The most important thing you can do, as it can affect the quality of the Bicycle. If the pressure is low, you must use energy to maintain sufficient speed. The rear tire should have more pressure as it takes more of the rider’s weight than the front. You can check the tire pressure at least once every two weeks. An essential tool you should have is a quality pump with a pressure gauge.

Adjust brakes correctly

You must check the brakes, adjust them if necessary, and change the brake pads. These checks are mandatory before the rainy season starts. Keeping the pads and braking surface clean of dirt and oil is also essential. Dirty pads wear out both themselves and the braking surface substantially faster.

No one is born with comprehensive bicycle mechanic skills. You have to learn them by performing easy bicycle maintenance or, more preferably, by being taught by someone with experience. Practice these skills often. If you have a tight schedule, get your Bicycle serviced at least once every two to three months to keep it in good working order. Ultimately, take care of your Bicycle, which will take care of you.

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