Types of Bicycles on Rent at Sanrocycles

Bicycling is a popular pastime that has evolved and offers many options for enthusiasts and casual riders. Whether you’re an avid off-road adventurer or a city commuter, there’s a bicycle built for your specific needs. This guide will explore the different types of bicycles available for Rent. Geared and without geared Bicycle. MTB and Hybrid Bicycle.


Sanrocycles Bicycles on Rent
Bicycles on Rent

Types of Bicycles

Bicycles come in various styles, each designed for particular riding. Knowing the basics of each type can help you determine which Bicycle suits your style and needs as a rider.

Mountain Bicycles (MTB Bicycles):

Mountain bicycles, often referred to as MTBs, are designed to be sturdy to weather all sorts of terrain. They come with flat handlebars, a wide range of gears to tackle hill climbs, and broader, knobbly tires for better off-road traction. They are the best option for riding on dirt trails or varied terrain.

MTB Bicycle

 Personal Experiences: On my first mountain biking trip, I was impressed with how smoothly MTBs handle rough paths. Their sturdy build and responsive controls make them a joy for off-road adventures.

Mountain Bicycles at Sanrocycles:

Wega 21 Speed bicycle and Freemotion Keysto bicycles are available at Sanrocycles. Both the bicycles look nice and Premium and certainly get attention. Wega Bicycle is one of this range’s best MTB bicycles on Rent. The frame is light-weighted alloy, making it even lighter than other Steel frame bicycles. You can easily ride a bicycle. It is also a nice bicycle if you plan to ride more than 20 km. Also, it has a Quick Release front wheel. So that it can be easy to carry and fit inside the car; its frame is made of steel and is lightweight.

Front suspension is available in MTB Bicycles. It is helpful for bumpy rides. Sanrocycles provides bicycles for Rent at your doorstep. Wega Bicycle helps people ride their Bicycles for longer rides. This Bicycle is usually very sturdy and requires less maintenance. The quality of the Wega Gear bicycle is also excellent. This Model of the Wega bicycle has 21 speeds. Front 3 and back 7, the combination of gears for this Bicycle is 21 Speeds.

Hybrid Bicycles:

Hybrid bicycles blend road and mountain bikes, giving riders the best of both worlds. They have comfortable flat handlebars, the upright seating position of an MTB, and lightweight, slimmer road bike tires. This combination makes hybrid bikes versatile and great for general-purpose riding on varying terrain.

Hybrid Bicycle

Friendly Advice: If you’re someone like me who loves to ride across the city streets but also appreciates a peaceful ride through park paths. Hybrid Bicycle is an excellent choice.

Hybrid Bicycle at Sanrocycles:

Sanrocycles has two variants of hybrid bicycles. BSA Mach City Munich 21 Speed bicycle and Firefox Road Runner Pro 21 Speed. Both are the best bicycles at this cost. 21 Speed bicycles are easy to ride. Suitable for a long-distance bicycle ride. Nowadays, all hybrid bicycles have Quick Release front wheels, making them easy to carry and fit inside the car. You can quickly move the Bicycle from one location to another. It has a lightweight steel frame. Finally, the Rims are made of an alloy and easy to maintain. This Bicycle is lightweight and one of the best high-quality bicycles on the market. Both are perfect bicycles to ride around the city.

Single Speed Bicycles

Single-speed bicycles are straightforward bikes with a unique charm. With a single gear, they are perfect for flat city rides and short-distance commuting. Their simplicity means less fuss with gear switching, making them easy to ride and maintain.

Anecdote: When I first moved to the city, I rented a single-speed bike for commuting. Riding was a breeze and got me from point A to point B without fuss.

Single Speed bicycle at Sanrocycles:

Single Speed at Sanrocycles is a lightweight steel-frame bicycle. It is straightforward to ride. Also, it has a quick-release seat that can be easily adjustable. It is a perfect bicycle to ride around the city. Single-speed bicycles are very easy to depend on every type of road. No worries about changing the gears. It is the best non-gear Bicycle in the range. Bicycle rent starts from 1200 Rs per month.

Bicycle Rental: Sanrocycles

Renting a bicycle offers you the freedom to explore and exercise without the commitment of buying and maintaining your Bicycle. It’s also a great way to test out different types of bicycles besides what suits your preferred riding style best.

Several rental services offer bicycles, from mountain and hybrid bikes to single-speed bicycles. These services usually offer flexible rental periods, from an hour to a week, and some even provide helmets, locks, and maps with their bicycles.

 Recommendation: renting is an excellent way for beginners to dip their toes into the cycling world. Renting a bicycle is a cost-effective way to get a feel for different bicycle types before purchasing your own.

The best Bicycle depends on where and how you plan to ride. Test out different bikes and find the ride that feels most comfortable.

And lastly, you can try different types of Bicycles and purchase any other bicycle. Do you know the types of bicycles available for Rent? Why not try? Embark on a new adventure, embrace the freedom, and experience the joy of cycling!

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How do you rent a bicycle online from Sanrocycles?

– Have you thought about riding a bicycle? If you don’t own a bicycle, you can rent one in Pune.

– Book the Bicycle online in a few simple steps.

– COD is available. You can pay online through g-pay or UPI after you receive the Bicycle at your doorstep.

Sanrocycles is one of Pune’s trusted online bicycle stores for renting a bicycle for over a month. In addition, You can rent the Bicycle before purchasing a new Bicycle. To rent a bicycle, you can visit our website or WhatsApp Catalog. Please browse through our available bicycles and choose the one you prefer. Select the rental duration, and follow the booking instructions.

Bicycle on Rent starts from only 1200 Rs for 1 Month. Check our online portal for a variety of bicycles.

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