Reduce Carbon Footprint Using Bicycle

How to reduce the carbon footprint using a bicycle, is the most common question asked. Is it possible to reduce by using a bicycle? Below are a few points to track how to reduce carbon footprint using the bicycle.

What is Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the number of greenhouse gases primarily carbon dioxide produced by particular human activity and it is released into the atmosphere.


Reduce Carbon Footprint Using Bicycle

Carbon Footprint and different modes of transport

Carbon Footprint can be measured by undertaking a Greenhouse gas emissions assessment. Once the size of a carbon footprint is known, a strategy can be devised to reduce it.

Carbon Footprint can be reduced through the development of alternative projects, such as solar and wind energy, which are environmentally friendly, renewable resources, or reforestation, the restocking of existing forests or woodlands that have previously been depleted. These examples are known as Carbon Offsetting.

The main influences on carbon footprints include population, economic output, and energy and carbon intensity of the economy. These factors are the main targets of individuals and businesses to decrease carbon footprints. Production creates a large carbon footprint, scholars suggest that decreasing the extent of energy needed for production would be one of the most effective ways to decrease a carbon footprint.

Below is the list of Carbon FootPrint produced for different modes of Transport

  • Producing cars uses lots of raw materials for making. On average, the production of a car alone accounts for 42 g of CO2 emissions per kilometer driven. Driving a car increases gas emission
  • Taking the bus will already cut your emissions by more than half. Buses have longer lifespans and can carry more people, which means that producing them accounts for fewer emissions per passenger and kilometer. A bus ride will only blow 101 g of CO2 per kilometer into the air.
  • Burning a liter of diesel produces around 2.62 kg of carbon dioxide,
  • Petrol has a lower carbon content and produces about 2.39 kg. So, if a person uses 20 Liter of petrol per month then he produces 48 Kg of Carbon dioxide per month. But what if you wanted to reduce your emissions to an absolute minimum, we can start by using a bicycle.

Carbon Foot Print and Bicycle

There are different ways to reduce carbon footprint. But one of the easiest ways is cycling. Lower the amount of usage of Bikes/Cars will lower the usage of Petrol/Diesel and in reverse, it can help to reduce carbon footprint. The bicycle is a good alternative to Driving cars or Bikes. It will not only help us reduce pollution but also will help to improve health. When possible start using cycling to avoid carbon emissions completely. It can be drastically reduced if we start group cycling. Cycle safely and reduce your carbon footprint.

Using a Cycle for work or start using a bicycle to transport stuff and groceries is something anybody can do and anywhere. But just we can think about how much carbon dioxide can be saved. Different modes of transport can produce different CO2 in the air.


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Bicycles have other benefits as well apart from reducing carbon dioxide. As it is rightly said ‘“A bicycle is the finest mode of transport known to man.’

Some might think bicycles are not producing emissions at all. No fuel, no tank, and no exhaust, so where would the carbon dioxide come from? Yet bicycles need to be produced as well, and while they are not fuel-powered, they’re food-powered – and producing food, unfortunately, creates a certain amount of CO2 emissions. The question is, just how much exactly? And how much is it compared to cars and buses? And here comes the good news. The production of a bicycle sets you back only 5 g per kilometer driven. That’s about one-tenth compared to the production of a car.

So if you are the owner of a bicycle, one personal climate solution is right there in front of your door or in your backyard. Why not start leaving the car at home and begin cycling?

So what are you waiting for, start cycling daily and contribute to a healthier life? If you have a cycle it is ok, if not don’t worry. You can hire a Bicycle Rent in Pune or Pimpri-Chinchwad and start cycling. You can also book a cycle online and Rent a bicycle. There is also an online bicycle store from which you can book a bicycle at a reasonable price.


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