Tips For Safer Night Riding

Cycling at night is much riskier than riding cycling in the daytime. If you are cycling at night make sure your cycle has reflectors and bright light on both the front and rear sides. Young children should mostly avoid cycling at night. It can be a risky experience if you are cycling at night. Below are a few tips for safer night riding.

Following some simple guidelines and getting some basic cycle accessories will make night ride cycling safe, easier and fun-loving. Below are 6 tips for safer night riding.


Tips For Safer Night Riding


Lighted Bicycle Path:

When you are riding a cycle at night choose roads that have lights. Choose a path that has enough lights and it will be easier to ride after sunset most important you will be visible to other riders o Road. Read the signs before entering the path to find out if the lights run all night or if they shut off at 10 or 11 PM.

Stay alert:

The most important tip for safer night riding cycling is to stay alert. If you think cycle riding during broad daytime is difficult then at night it is much scarier. If you’re Bicycle doesn’t have reflectors or lights, get some before you attempt to ride at night. Even with these safety devices in place Ride defensively.  Treat every other vehicle on the road as a potential threat and ride defensively. Ride a little slower and keep your eyes open for unexpected obstacles.

Ride Slow

A big, powerful bicycle light might have a decent beam of 15-25 meters. That’s great, but it’s not a lot of distance once you start moving fast.

It takes roughly half a second for the average person to react to anything even under optimal conditions. If you’re riding full Speed you might have already hit the obstacle ahead by the time your brain has processed what you’ve seen. Regardless of what light you choose, slow down to increase your reaction time. Riding slowly all the time is always a good option. Always keep an eye out for obstacles in your path, watch out for pedestrians, and open vehicle doors. Equipping your bicycle with a rear-view mirror, horn or bell, and a bright headlight is highly recommended.


Tips For Safer Night Riding


Reflective Stickers and High Vis Clothing

One more important most important tip for safer night riding cycling is To make yourself as visible as possible, If you can get hold of a high-vest or jacket they work great too. You can also buy reflective stickers or radium from the hardware store and add strips to your frame, your bag, and the clothes you plan to ride in. It will be good for safety purposes.

Safety Glasses:

If you don’t have a pair of clear cycling-specific glasses, a cheap pair of clear safety glasses can also work. Just make sure you do not use the same dark-tinted glasses you would wear during the daytime. They can leave you effectively blind at night.

Wear Helmet:

Wearing a helmet can protect the head and can reduce the risk of head injury in case of an accident. In some countries, laws for wearing a helmet during a bicycle ride do exist and it is compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

While purchasing a bicycle helmet, make sure it meets all the safety standards. Look for one with EPS foam and a thin plastic shell. There should be a sticker on the interior indicating that the helmet meets the safety standards. Regardless of your age, the laws of your state are to always wear a helmet while cycling, even for a short distance.

What can be avoided?

  1. Drunken Riding
  2. Signal jumping
  3. Riding without helmet
  4. Overspeeding

These are a few simple tips that can be followed for safer night riding.

Always ensure you are familiar with cycling safety tips before riding a bicycle and always wear a helmet to reduce the risk of serious injury.


Tips For Safer Night Riding


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