Practical Tips For Healthy Christmas And New Year

Festivals and food go in hand in hand. There are a lot of cheat meals and you may end up feeling less than jolly. Christmas is a season of parties. It is a great time to meet with friends and family. But, all these functions can take a toll on your health and your waistlines. And again there are New Year resolutions and again we need to start from where we have stated previously. Below are a few important Practical tips for healthy Christmas and New Year.

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Practical tips for healthy Christmas and New Year


Here are a few tips to help you through this Christmas and New Year in the best of .your health.


Eat Smartly

Before a night of celebrations, ensure you have a pre-party snack like banana and yogurt, toast and nut butter, or a mug of homemade vegetable soup. Best to eat a light meal before you go anywhere to the party. So you don’t fill up on high-calorie snack food. Decide on what you definitely must have and what you can pass on. It will help to avoid or tend to eat less when you’re faced with a delicious assortment of freshly baked goods and sweets. Eat food has a high amount of proteins.

Limit the booze

This is one of the most importantly practical tips for healthy Christmas and New Year. From champagne breakfasts through to cocktail parties that stretch into the late evening, alcohol and Christmas are notorious for leading you towards a table full of party pies and fried foods. Limit the booze to help stay on track. Dilute wine and spirits with mineral water and ice, opt for light beer, and try to balance out a drink with a glass or two of water in between.

Be Active

If you can, keep your gym visit regular during this time. Get active with the family with outdoor cricket, swimming, and bike riding. You can also take a ride on a bicycle and have a tour of your city. Burn those extra Calories by being active this season.  Christmas is often the time for group gatherings and family vacations. Make it enjoyable and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest while getting your heart pumping.

Stick to a training routine

After a few days of less-than-clean eating, you may be tempted to jump on bicycle and sweat with an overload of cardio, however, it’s important to keep your strength training on track. Strength training can burn just as many calories as cardio, and with all the extra gains you’ve consumed, you may even gain some extra muscle (much better than gaining holiday fat).

Don’t deprive yourself this Christmas, but if you’re going to indulge in a high-calorie treat make it you’re favorite. Don’t indulge in mediocre treats just because they happen to be in front of you.


Practical tips for healthy Christmas and New Year


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Information provided in this blog is not medical advice and you should consult with your healthcare practitioner. Readers should rely on their own advice and inquiries in making decisions affecting their own health, or interest.