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Kross K40 24 Multispeed

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the Kross K40 24 Multispeed is ideal for young bicycle riders. One of the best multi-speed bicycles at this cost. Kross K40 24 Multispeed has front disc brake and rear v break with alloy liver with friction-free functionality. Kross K40 bicycles are one of the safest bicycles to ride. This cycle is safe to use and it doesn’t break or fall apart easily. It has a maintenance-free design and gear shifting is very easy for kids. Ideally, school-going children can use this bicycle.

It is ideal for children’s and young bicycle riders. Shifting gears is very easy in this and has a maintenance-free design. Kross cycles k40 one of the best multi-speed bicycles at this cost. The Kross k40 cycle price range is low.

The price is below 10,000 for the Kross K40 cycle. A good choice of Kross K40 when it comes to being a gift for your kids. The Kross cycle K40 wheel size is 24-inches to perform well under all the circumstances. Kross K40 cycle is quality bicycles.  Kross cycle k40 is te finest bicycles with extreme high-quality that you can get under the budgeted Kross k40 cycle price range.  One of the lovable Kross K40 bicycles at the age of 11 to 18 years. Children’s favorite Kross cycle.


  1. Wheel Size: 24’ Alloy Rim
  2. Gears: 18 Speed
  3. Frame: Steel
  4. Gear Shifter: Shimano
  5. Brakes: Front Disc and Rear V Brake
  6. Dual Suspension


Return Policy on this item:

This item is non-returnable.10 Day return applicable only in case of a manufacturing defect.

Bicycle Fitting:

1. In Pune and PimriChinchwad (Maharashtra) area, the Bicycle will be provided fully fitted.

Bicycle Delivery Time:

1. Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad (Maharashtra) area, a minimum of 2 working days will be required to Deliver bicycle and Bicycle will be fully fitted.

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