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Kross Bolt 28T 21 Speed

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The Kross Bolt 28t 21 Speed bicycle is one of the best hybrid bicycles in that range. It is with front disc and small tires make the bicycle unique in this range. Kross Bolt 28t 21 Speed bicycle has a solid steel frame with a maintenance-free design. Apart from Kross cycle with the front disc, it has Quick-Release seat makes it easy to adjust the seat cover. Kross bikes have a strong and sturdy design. Tire size 28 has a hybrid bicycle with slim tires. Strong metal frame intended to use for a longer ride as well. The bicycle also has mudguards.

The price is in the range of 10,000 for the Kross bolt cycle. A good choice of Kross bolt cycle when it comes to longer rides. The Kross cycle wheel size is 28t inches to perform well under all the circumstances. Kross cycle is the best Kross bolt gear cycle in this range.  Kross bolt gear cycle is the finest bicycles with extreme high-quality that you can get under the budgeted Kross 28t bolt cycle price range.

One of the lovable Kross bicycles at the age of 18 years and above. Best Kross bicycle price in Pune. Good Kross bolt 28t 21-speed price in this range.


  1. Gears: 21 Speed
  2. Wheel size: 28inches
  3. Brakes: Disk brake front
  4. Frame size: 18 inches
  5. Frame material: Steel
  6. Quick-release: seat
  7. Gear Shifter: Thumb type

Return Policy on this item

This item is non-returnable.10 Day return applicable only in case of a manufacturing defect.

Bicycle Fitting:

1. In Pune and PimriChinchwad (Maharashtra) area, the bicycle will be provided fully fitted.
2. The bicycle can be delivered at your Door Step.

Bicycle delivery Time:

1. Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad (Maharashtra) area, a minimum of 2 working days will be required to Deliver bicycle and Bicycle will be fully fitted.

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